Sunday, January 5, 2020

Be Inspired by the Magic of Nature

Naturally, with such great mountains, bright green forests and glittering Persian Gulf, it is easy to forget what kind of beauty can be found in our own Iran.  Would you like to discover cozy, varied and atmospheric spots? Why don’t you exchange the city streets for a more rustic and rural experience in one of the country’s numerous, stunning villages? The villages are great for a day trip, or even just half a day, to avoid the hassle of big cities. You can start exploring the villages from walking path and stroll around and cross the natural attractions and have food and drinks with locals. 

 I wanted to write a guide all about the most beautiful places in the Iran!

A big thanks to Ehsan for accompanying our guests in this picturesque village.   
 Abiyane Village

Because of its mountainous setting, Abiyaneh stayed isolated for many years and people are still living the way they used to live 2500 years ago. It seems as if this part of world has been in a deep sleep and untouched by time. According to their unique lifestyle, the people tend to rear animals for a living. The unaffected language of the residents of Abyane is a distinct dialect of Farsi and it is close to what is spoken in the central cities of Iran. Also, you will be amazed by clothing of locals to the extent that cannot resist trying them on or buy some clothes as a souvenir of Abiyane. Men wear long loose black pants with long coats, and women dress flowery loose shirts, crimp skirts and cover their heads and shoulders with long scarfs. Besides Masule, Kandovan and Meimand villages, it’s registered by UNESCO as one of the four most historic villages of Iran. Abyane is truly a Village of living traditions, ancient architecture, and probably one of the most shining examples of human adaptation to nature.

Our guest is spending time with locals


High on every visitor's Iran bucket list, Kandowan village is an enchanting region of swirling volcanic-rock landscapes that seem to have been built by bizarre fairies. Humans have settled in this area since 7000 years ago and have left their own mark on this weird landscape by burrowing into the soft volcanic rock to live. In an extraordinary meeting of nature's artistic splendor and humankind's resourcefulness, Kandowan is one of those rare places that must be experienced at least once in a lifetime. 
Mariam and her friends in Kandiwan village


 Qalat Village

More recently, the Qalat village of Shiraz was registered on Iran's National Heritage list as the first natural-historical rural district of Fars. Qalat, one of the historic villages around Shiraz with various architectures, is located near Shiraz. There are three waterfalls in the village that originate from the springs. The two rivers with wild plants and flowers in their banks, are considered as natural tourist attraction sites of this village. In addition to all these, the village contains some historic heritage: the 270-year-old mosque, the ancient adobe church, water mills, the ancient flagged bazaar, a castle, and some relief works from the Sassanid era. 

Our guets in Qalat village

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