Thursday, January 9, 2020

Iranian Mosques

Due to our religion, mosques have been an integral part of our society in different eras. If you’re looking for a really unique mosque experience,follow us.

Vakil mosque, which opened in Zandiye era, is a brilliant choice.
The mosque features an outer surface garnished with turquoise and colorful tiles, and a wonderful interior design that adds even more glamour. The interior and exterior architectural designs, together with the minaret, the dome, and the prayer niche are all inspired by several famous mosques found in various cities . In addition to these notable aspects, Vakil mosque abounds with artistic handicrafts, such as ornaments, inscriptions, and tiles. Let’s pay a visit to this magnificent mosque while you’re in Shiraz.

Vakil mosque in Shiraz

Jame Mosque of Tabriz is one of the oldest monuments of Iran that dates back to Qajar and Seljuk Dynasty. This national heritage site is surrounded completely by Bazaar of Tabriz. It seems that Jame mosque firstly functioned as a praying room. But through times it had changed massively. The middle part of the mosque consists of a long and wide arch. At the end of the mosque, there is a simple Mihrab made of marble in a spiral pattern.  The simplicity and the great decorations are the features of this mansion.

Jame mosque of Tabriz

This missed attraction in Shiraz is one of the oldest and the most ancient religious site. With its history while it is just dates back to Qajar era, imagine here was the first mosque built in the city with incredible design.
Within the courtyard of this mosque, a cubic building has been constructed. The high building of the mosque, has some chambers and naves and some of its parts have two floors.
If you’re looking for history, architecture and religion, visit Atigh Jame' Mosque and enjoy its unique style of building architecture, while trying to understand calligraphy context around its wall.

Atigh mosque in Shiraz   

The Grand Jame Mosque of Yazd dating back to 12th century, is regarded as one of the outstanding building. It is believed that the mosque was built on the ruins of the Sassanid fire temple and was largely rebuilt in 14th century. The two most outstanding features of this Islamic mosque are its domes and minarets. It is famous for its notable minaret’s architecture and their turquoise gem that could be seen from miles away. With the special tiles works and various domes, this mosque is an excellent example of Islamic architecture. Under the central dome inside the mosque, there are some smaller dome like arches designed with dazzling ceramic tiles and the beautiful manuscripts from holy Quran which depict the masterpieces of calligraphy and tiling.
Jame mosque of Yazd

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