Thursday, June 1, 2017

The mysterious Zarivar lake

The beautiful and miraculous Zarivar Lake, located 3 kilometers from Marivan town in Kurdistan province, is one of the most wonderful natural gems in the west of Iran. Known as the biggest lake in the western, Zarivar has fresh water nourished by natural spontaneous fountains. That is why the locals believe that Zarivar is a mysterious lake. They also believe that there is a secret town in this lake!

This lake is a valuable national heritage with a very rich and diverse ecosystem:

Many diverse and rare wild plants like sedges, water lily, mint, knotweed, bindweed and typha latifolia are available around Zarivar and rare mammals like red foxed, wild boars and wild cats are seen in this area. Zarivar and its stunning environment are also home to diverse aquatics and birds like Medusafish, Carp fish, Anguilloidei, common pochard, bittern and swallows.

During winter, Zarivar is a shiny frozen vast lake and during spring and summer, this lake and the landscapes around are as beautiful as paradise. While you travel in western cities of Iran, like Kurdistan or Kermanshah, make sure to visit this magnificent lake.

Zarivar Lake. Kurdistan Iran
Zarivar Lake. Kurdistan-Iran

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