Saturday, June 24, 2017

Tirgan or the ancient festival of water on the first day of summer

Ancient Iranians used to hold different festivals to add some happiness and enthusiasm to their lives. Every season was started with a special festival like Mehregan Festival at the first of autumn, Yalda at the first of winter and Norouz on the first day of spring. According to the calendar, on the first Day of Tir (June 22), which is the fourth Iranian month, the sun is at its highest level and shines more warmly than any other time of the year. This day is the longest day and as a consequence the warmest day of the year! 

Kids pouring water on each other, Water Festival in Iran
Water Festival, Iran

Considering the importance of this cosmic phenomenon and the intense summer heat people used to celebrate this day as the Festival of summer or the Festival of Water which was called Tirgan. On the day of Tirgan festival the people used to gather by the rivers and enjoy the cool water by swimming or happily pouring water on each other and most importantly praising (shokr gozari) God for granting valuable natural gifts like the warm sunshine and the pure water. This fun festival which is also called “Ab Pashonak”, is still held in some cities of Iran like Arak and Mahalat and the Iranian Zoroastrians still do the rituals on this day.

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