Thursday, June 15, 2017

Carpet Museum of Tehran

Carpet weaving is one of the most amazing faces of Persian culture, legend and art. Considering the ancient weaving tools discovered in Lorestan in west of Iran, the antiquity of this artistic industry in ancient Iran is traced back to Bronze era! The oldest piece of carpet which is known to be weaved in Iran is Pazyryk carpet which is 1.83*2 meters with an advanced weaving technique (36 symmetrical knots in per 2cm). This carpet is named after the Pazyryk valley in Altai Mountains where this masterpiece was discovered from ancient graves hided under ice and snow for centuries. According to the results of Carbon 14 examinations and the adaptations of the patterns on this carpet and the patterns in Persepolis, Pazyryk is related to Achaemnid era (5th century B.C). The skillfully weaving technique of Pazyryk carpet proves a long history and experience behind this art.

The exterior of Carpet museum of Iran.
Carpet museum of Tehran. Iran

The Carpet Museum of Iran was founded on 1978 in Tehran (located in Laleh park, in northern Kargar St.) to revive the glorious and original Persian carpets and to introduce them to visitors and art lovers. The fabulous exterior design of Carpet Museum resembles a carpet-weaving loom. 150 pieces of eye-catching Iranian carpets related to different cities, villages and tribes are kept in the permanent exhibition galley of the ground floor and the second floor’s gallery is assigned for temporary carpet exhibitions.

Make sure to visit Carpet Museum of Tehran which is one the most unique museums of Iran, while you are in this city and get familiar with Persian art and history in form of fabulous motifs, and colors.

The carpets of the carpet museum installed on the walls.
The carpet museum of Tehran. Iran


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