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Things to do and see in the wonderful city of Yazd.

Known as the land of sunshine and home of Zoroastrians in Iran, the lovely city of Yazd located in the eastern Iran is a city that you mustn't miss visiting when you travel to Iran. Yazd is one of the most amazing destinations in Iran for the travelers who are interested in architecture, photography, history and the untouched Persian culture.

The Zoroastrian heritage of Yazd takes the antiquity of this city back to pre-Islamic eras. The mysterious Tower of Silence, located 15 kilometer from Yazd, is an ancient construction over a hill that the Zoroastrians used to  put the dead bodies on, in order to keep the soil and water safe from any pollution.

Travelers visiting Silence Towers of Yazd.
Silence Tower of Yazd.

Chak Chak is near Ardekan town, located 64 kilometers from Yazd. This shrine which is hidden in the heart of a mountain is known to be the refugee of Nik Banoo (daughter of Yazdgerd III, the Sassanid king) who hided from the Arab invaders and sheltered in this place where is a holy shrine for the Zoroastrians, today.

A traveler visiting Chak Chak in Yazd.
Chak Chak. Yazd-Iran

The Zoroastrian fire temple named Atash Bahram, is located in the city of Yazd and is home to a fire which has been burning since 1500 years ago. This building has been constructed 83 years ago and the old trees, the beautiful building and the pool in the middle of the yard create a wonderful atmosphere for the fire temple.

The Zoroastrian Fire Temple in Yazd. Iran
The Zoroastrian Fire Temple of Yazd.
With the highest minarets in the world (52 meters high), a glorious Iwan (Ivan,Eyvan) and the magically beautiful tile works and stucco presenting elegant Persian motifs and calligraphy, Jaame mosque of Yazd is one of the most magnificent mosques of Iran which have been constructed during 6th Hijri century. Some historians believe that this mosque is built on the ruins of a Sassanid fire temple.

Minarets of Jaame mosque of Yazd.
Jaame Mosque of Yazd.
What amazes the visitors in Yazd is its historical texture, which is about 2600 hectares in area and is the reason why Yazd is the biggest adobe city and the second historical city in the world. Yazd’s historical texture includes hundreds of high wind towers, dome ceilings, high adobe walls, long alleys and most importantly hospitable locals who have kept their rich culture and traditions alive. Walking through the maze of these nested alleys is an unforgettable experience that feels like stepping back to ancient Persia.

Historical texture of Yazd.
Historical texture of Yazd.

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