Sunday, January 21, 2018

Stunning rugs of Kashan

For many people, the word Iran represents the picture of colorful Iranian carpets with their eye-catching motifs and designs. The weavers in each city or even village of Iran, weave their own kind of carpets (kilims, rugs, etc.) showing the culture and legend of that specific area.

With ancient historical and cultural background, Kashan Rug is one of the finest samples of Iranian carpet and is known to be registered as an intangible heritage site by the UNESCO. Like many other Persian Carpets, Kashan Rug takes its name from the city of its origin. Kashan which is one of the top travel destinations in Iran is a desert city located in the heart of Isfahan province.

Kashan Rug.

Kashan Rug is usually known for its amazing designs like Lachak Toranj (Medallion and corners), showing a medallion at the center which is surrounded by four quadrant circles, and Tree Vase Design which pictures a beautifully twisted tree of life. Traditional colors like rich reds, blues, ivory, yellow and burnt orange complete the magic of beauty. Staring at dancing spirals and beaming floral motifs on a Kashan Rug will sweetly drown you in Persian dream. Carpet weavers in Kashan are still among the most active carpet producers in Iran and you can easily go to a carpet workshop which is really worth visiting while traveling in the historical city of Kashan.

Kashan Rug.

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