Sunday, March 18, 2018

Chahkouh Valley in Qeshm Island

Chahkouh Valley is one of many natural phenomena created by erosion of sedimentary rocks in Qeshm Island. This astonishing valley, which is 100 meters deep, seduces tourists by revealing its very unique shapes and holes. The entrance from the north is wider and it is more or less U-shaped but as it goes to the south, gradually narrows to the point where it is difficult to cross, V-shaped, while the walls are still high. Deep and parallel lines, strange holes, water wells and weird stones resulting from the erosion during millenniums impress the curious mind of any visitor, it seems like a very talented and creative sculptor has made them with their own hands. Do not miss the chance of visiting this surprisingly picturesque valley when travelling to Iran. Uppersia offers guided day tours to all the islands in Persian Gulf.

Chahkouh Valley in Qeshm Island
Chahkouh Valley

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