Sunday, March 11, 2018

Spring Green Almonds in Iran

Everyone knows that spring is the most beautiful season for travelling to Iran. Aside from its heavenly weather and awesome nature, appetizing spring street foods are quite a great reason for traveling to Iran. Sour, fresh and natural, Choghale Badoom (green almonds) arrives on the scene in early spring in Iran for a mere few weeks. They’re unripe almonds, picked before the shell has a chance to harden, and before the almond has had a chance to become crisp and mature. It is one of the most delicious street foods which you can try these days in Iran, but don’t wait too long; the season is short and they’ll only be around another few weeks. Don’t forget to taste it with a little salt which makes it taste more mouthwatering.

Chogale Badam (green almonds)
Choghale Badam (green almonds)

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