Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Delgosha Garden; A Piece of Heaven in Shiraz

Situated in the extreme southeast of Shiraz and very close to the mausoleum of Sa'di, Delgosha garden is one of the historical gardens which belongs to the pre-Islamic era of the Sassanian Empire. The protagonists of Delgosha garden are the beautiful flowers, the sour orange trees and, above all, the water which runs through this charming piece of heaven. A three-story old mansion of the Qajar period, with beautiful ceramic tiles, mirror work and oil paintings, is found in the center. It has two entrances on the sides and a porch in the middle floor. On Fridays the garden is full of people that come to eat under the shade of the sour orange trees; while, the chess players are playing on the tables scattered among flowerbeds, hedges and trees and take advantage of the holiday time to entertain themselves. 

Take a tour with Uppersia team to spend a lovely spring evening in this marvelous garden and drink a cup of tea under its fragrant sour orange trees.

Delgosha Garden, Shiraz, Iran
Delgosha Garden, Shiraz, Iran

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