Monday, April 16, 2018

Photography in Iran

We have good news for the travelers who are fond of photography or filming, they will have a thousand occasions to capture the magnificent landscapes of the country, the splendid monuments and the hospitable people. In areas of high altitude and in deserts, the clearness of the sky is usually exceptional, which allows a solar radiation higher than normal, causing very strong lights and extremely hard shadows, which makes it a little difficult to get a good photo; the solution for this phenomenon is to take advantage of the first two hours of daylight or the last two hours, when the sun is in a fairly low position; The flash can also be used as supportive light, thus reducing the shadows a little. Iran Photography Tour, organized by Uppersia team, takes you to the most scenic places of Iran, to the beautiful nature of the country which includes the mountain ranges, the sea, the desert, the forest and also the historical mosques, hammams, bazars, gardens, mausoleums and museums. 

Kandovan Village
Kandovan Village

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