Monday, April 30, 2018

Rose Water Distillation Ceremony (Golabgiri) in Iran

Festivals are surely one important composition of Iran’s long history. These customs and festivals present people with vivid images of ancient Iranian life. In Iranian calendar, each late April to early May is the time to celebrate the traditional Iranian festival of Golab Giri.  This festival shows the traditional process of producing rosewater which has been held for over thousand years ago in Kashan, Iran. The harvesting of the «Rosaceous flower», the specific type of Iranian rose from which the water is extracted, dates back to the 7th millennium BCE. These light pink roses called Mohammadi flower named after Muslim prophet, Mohammad (PBUH). Here's the reason its water, golab, is known as the holy perfume. Every year, many people trip to Iran to visit this amazing ceremony closely. You can join Kashan day tour or Iran premium tours and enjoy visiting this unique festival.

Rose Water Distillation Ceremony (Golabgiri) in Iran

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