Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Iran Caravanserais tour

What is a Caravanserais?
Caravanserais in the old times had the functions of the hotels with this difference that they were mainly located outside the cities for the night-stay of the Caravans. Caravan means a group of travelers and Serai in Persia means place or house.

Caravanserais in Iran
In Iran the Caravanserais existence goes back to before Islam and mainly Sassanian time but the main ones still standing today are from Safavid dynasty. by the order of Shah Abbas 999 Carvanserais were built and between every two Caravanserais there is a distance of 30 KM, the distance the camels can go in one day.

Caravanserais architecture
They could be built square or round but there are just 2 round ones in Iran and other are square shape.

Uppersia Iran Caravanserai tour
Iran Caravanserai tours run by uppersia give travelers and amazing experience of staying in Caravanserais such az Zeinodin Caravanserai, Anarak Caravanserai, Bayazeh castle and some other historic citadels and houses.

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Iran Caravanserai tour
Zeinoddin Caravansara

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