Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Persepolis tour

Uppersia offers tours to Persepolis everyday from Shiraz. Persepolis s located 45 km away from Shiraz and is registered as a world heritage. This magnificent complex includes several palaces that were built by Achaemenids 530 BC. To learn more about Persepolis day tour check here: Persepolis tour 
Persepolis Location
Persepolis is located in southwest of Iran, 45 KM from the renowned city of Shiraz on the slopes of Rahmat mountain in Zagrus range.

Persepolis history
Persepolis was built by the order of Darius the Great in 530 BC. Other Achaemenid kings build different palaces and by the attack of Alexander the construction stopped.

Tour name: Persepolis tour
Start location: Shiraz city center
Start time: 8 o'clock in the morning 
tour information: Persepolis tour

Persepolis tour

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