Thursday, November 2, 2017

Barberry : Irresistible Sour Fruit

From cool and fresh summer drinks to traditional cuisines, Barberry has its own place in many Iranian foods, drinks and snacks. The sharp red color, the naughty sourness and its benefit for body has caused this fruit to be so irresistible. The tiny barberry fruit which are rich in vitamin C are grown on 1 to 5 meter high shrubs with small leaves and thorns.95 percent of world’s barberry is cultivated in Iran, known as the largest barberry producer in the world. Iran’s barberries are widely cultivated in Khorasan province in the east of Iran. While travelling in Iran and enjoying a gastronomy adventure in this uncovered destination, make sure to taste some cuisine made with barberries, called Zereshk in Persian, like Zereshk polo which is a great combination of chicken, barberry, and different tasty nuts and spices. If you are brave enough in sour taste, don’t forget to offer yourself a big glass of barberry juice which is so sour and fresh.

A traveler visiting barberry farm in Iran,one of the central points of barberry prouduction
A traveler visiting fresh barberry

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