Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Siraf archaeology tour of Uppersia.

With warm sunny climate, scenic beach landscapes and historical heritages reminding old Persian tales, the ancient Siraf Port (also called Taheri Port) is a wonderful winter getaway in Bushehr Province of southern Iran. Join Uppersia on Siraf archaeology day tour and visit the unique beauties of this southern port during winter, when central and northern cities are spending cold and foggy days:

Siraf port. Bushehr,Iran
Siraf Port. Bushehr,Iran

During old times, locals living in Siraf Port were busy with trading merchandises like textiles and pearls over the seas and were known as wealthy and civilized people. The historical mansion of Siraf which has been the residential house of the governor and is located on the hills, boasts the charming architecture of Iranian houses. The elegantly ornamented arcs, the terraces facing the turquoise sea make this Qajarid mansion visit worthy.

The complex of numerous crypts dug into the ground is the mysterious secret of Siraf. Some archaeologists believe that these holes were graves dating back to ancient times while some other believe that these hand dug holes were used as water wells. The impenetrable stone walls of the holes kept the rain water all year long.  Considering the size of the holes, the second possibility seems more logic.

Do not leave Siraf without testing the chilly and tasty local dishes. Varied sea foods made with fresh fish and shrimp and also homemade sweets made with dates are the foods you can enjoy in Siraf.

Siraf Port. Bushehr,Iran
Siraf Port.Bushehr,Iran

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