Saturday, November 18, 2017

Visiting Tehran Grand Bazaar

Tehran Grand Bazaar is a historical roofed bazaar located in the heart of modern Tehran, the chaotic and stunning capital of Iran. According to historical documents this bazaar was founded during Safavid dynasty and developed to the current form during the kingdom of Mohamad Shah and Nasereddin Shah during Qajarid times.

Besides being the most important economical superhighway in Iran, Tehran grand Bazaar is known for its stunning architecture with numerous and intersected corridors, providing any types of good from food and fruit to jewelry and cloths. The ambassadors who lived in Iran used to introduce Tehran grand bazaar as the most beautiful spot in this city.

This Bazaar is so vast and intersected that can’t be completely explored in one day but spending some hours in this historical yet alive atmosphere seems to be a great experience while traveling in Iran. You will meet and chat with as many locals as you want and will touch today’s Iranian pop culture. For having a day tour in Tehran Grand Bazaar check out Hidden Tehran day tour of Uppersia.

visiting Tehran Bazaar
Tehran Grand Bazaar.

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