Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Iranian Termeh Textiles.

Looking for a nice and unique souvenir to take home after your travel to Iran? A piece of Iranian handicraft always seems to be the best idea. Among the handicrafts, Persian textiles especially Termeh with its stunning designs and ancient background is the representative of Persian art in form of colors and motifs.

Red Termeh textile with paisley forms. Iran
Termeh textile. Iran

Producing hand woven Termeh textiles was invented during Safavid dynasty however the similar pieces of textiles from Sassanid era traces the antiquity of this craft back to pre-Islamic days. Termeh is usually known for being ornamented with the world known form of paisley called "Botteh" in Persian, which is derived from the form of cypress tree known as a praised element in ancient Iranian art. Therefore, Termeh textiles made of silk, cotton, and even golden or silver threads were used for making luxurious clothes for Iranian kings. With its time consuming producing procedure, handmade Termeh is still used as a piece of precious textile in Persian houses. This eye-catching craft is widely made in the city of Yazd in varied happy colors like different shades of red, turquoise blue, green, orange and etc.

The roles of Termeh textiles in different colors. Iran
Termeh textile. Iran

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