Saturday, November 4, 2017

Reza Abbasi Museum :A Hidden Gem of Tehran

Tehran, capital of Iran, has a wealth of museums displaying art and artifacts from prehistory through modern days, satisfying your inner culture vulture. While some of the Tehran museums are known the world over and attract many visitors every year, others are less popular and may present valid off-the-beaten-path alternatives. Reza Abbasi Museum, one of that less-known museums, is named after a 16th century Persian miniaturist.This three-storied building has several halls, which include the pre-Islamic period hall, the Hall of Fine Arts, the Hall of Painting, the Hall of Calligraphy, and the Temporary Exhibition Hall, all dedicated to preserving Iran’s artistic traditions alive. The spectacular collections of this museum include manuscripts, jewelry, pottery, metalwork, lacquer paintings all from second millennium BC to the early 20th century and the Qajar period. Visiting this museum as a once in a lifetime experience, provides you a deeper insight of Iranian art, culture and history. Checkout Uppersia Tehran day tour and find out what else this city offers.

Reza Abbasi museum is a three-storied building with sevral halls
Reza Abbasi Museum

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