Tuesday, February 6, 2018

A short visit to the historical Sarvestan Palace

94 km southeast of Shiraz, near the small town of Sarvestan, stands the remains of what had been an imposing palace of the Sassanid period, built by the king Bahram V, around 420 AD. The building might have been either a hunting residence or a fire temple. Due to its relatively good state of conservation, archaeologists have been able to reconstruct the original layout of the palace on paper. The whole structure, constructed with stone and mortar, is square in plan with a small interior patio. The main hall with a square base is covered by a dome, surrounded by several rooms some of which are covered by a vault, and two with smaller domes. Also there are three iwans in the outside. Currently, what still keeps and exposes the glory of this great palace is the main hall and its dome, the walls of some of the rooms and their domes.

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Sarvestan Palace in Fars Province, Iran
Sarvestan Palace, Fars Province

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