Monday, February 12, 2018

How to Get Iran Visa

In order to travel to Iran for tourism and general purposes you need a tourist visa. There are two types of tourist visa for Iran: 

1- Standard Tourist Visa
This visa is issued ahead of your travel date and you received it at one of Iran’s embassies, consulates or mailed to you before your planned departure to Iran. Good for those who like to plan ahead and make sure everything is in order before boarding the airplane. 
  Procedure to get a tourist visa to Iran in advance is as follows: 

• You provide us with some basic information that Iranian Foreign Ministry needs to have in order to accept your application. That can be done by filling out Iran visa application form. 

• We will do the needed paperwork, sponsorship add our vouching/invitation letter to your application and then file it with Iran Ministry of Foreign Affairs Visa Department. In effect you will come to Iran as our sponsored guest.
• The MFAVD does its review, checks the records to make sure everything is fine and then usually within 3-14 days (15-30days for British, American and Canadian) they send us what is call as Visa Authorization Number. This number is actually a reference number which basically tells us that you got approved and now you can get your actual visa in the next step. 

• We send your Visa Authorization Number to you by email. You print it out and contact the embassy or consulate where you had initially indicated that you want to pick your visa from. 

• This is the rule for the American, British and Canadian passport holders:  they must be joined in a guided tour package. The agency which applies for their visas must arrange the authorized tour guide, fixed hotels, itinerary and any other services that they need during their travel. 

2- Iran Visa On Arrival (VOA) or Iran airport visa:
This visa which is granted in 5 International airports may seem like the easiest way to receive Iran visa but for the following reasons our incoming staff with years of experience strongly unqualified this type of visa. 

• A 10 % possibility of visa rejection always exists. 

• Your airline may not let you board the plane without a visa

• Most likely you will have to stay long hours in the airport for receiving this Iran visa. 

Uppersia is one of the limited number of official Tour, Travel and Visa agencies in Iran with an official authority from Iranian Foreign Ministry to process and obtain travel permits to Iran. We have a long standing track record and connection to get your visa as fast and as cheap as possible.

In order to travel to Iran for tourism and general purposes you need a tourist visa. There are two types of tourist visa for Iran:
Iran Visa

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