Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Nomads of Iran

To deepen your knowledge of different cultures of Iran, you should head to the less touristic places. This means traveling through untouched territories where people hardly receive visitors. A journey to the living place of nomads will take you deep into their traditional life style. Many of the nomadic tribes that still have maintained the essence of their wandering life are direct descendants of the tribes that gave life and personality to the Persian empire. Bakhtiari, Qashqai, Shahsevan, Balouchi, Kurd, Turkman, Afshar, Lor and Arab are the existing clans of Iranian nomads. Migration is the basic characteristic of nomadic life which helps them find pastures for feeding and developing their herd. It is an outstanding cultural show. 
If you are interested in anthropology tourism, Uppersia offers Iran Nomad tour, in both cold and warm season, which is a very good opportunity to get familiar with a whole different world of culture and customs.

Nomads in Iran
Nomads in Iran

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