Thursday, December 29, 2016

Nasirolmolk, or the stunning Pink Mosque.

While you are traveling in different cities of Iran, you will visit numerous wonderful Persian mosques, each one presenting beauties of its own, but Nasirolmolk  mosque of Shiraz has a more wonderful secret to reveal as many travelers say.

After passing the vast Sahn (courtyard) of the mosque, with two northern and southern Iwans (porch), you will pass through a large arc with stunning muqarnas (an architectural ornament) and enter the eastern bedchamber (Shabestan) with arcs, columns and elegant tilework, representing unique architecture method of Qajar days.

Daylight in Nasirolmolk mosque of Shiraz.

The arcs and the walls are decorated with geometrical and floral margins and the floor is covered with turquoise blue tiles. But the most beautiful thing about this bedchamber is the magical performance of daylight, passing through the stained glass windows. The reflection of geometrical forms in red, green, yellow and blue lights saves an unforgettable moment in every visitor's mind. That is why it is also called "The Pink Mosque". The western bedchamber of Nasirolmlok mosque might look simpler than the eastern one but still shows the architect’s proficiency in geometry and aesthetic.

Uppersia highly recommends you to spend an hour of your Shiraz tours in this beautiful mosque and feel the beauties of beloved Pink Mosque. Don’t forget to be present at the mosque early in the morning because the colorful lights are at their best in the morning.

Nasirolmolk mosque in Shiraz.


  1. Iran is a beautiful country with old traditional buildings. I like the heritage of Iran. Its very unique.

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