Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The mysterious Yalda night in Iran.

Yalda is the feast of Persian myths, music, poem and warm family gatherings, held on the last night of autumn (21 December), which is the longest night of the year according to the accurate Persian calendar. Yalda has been celebrated by Zoroastrians for 7000 years!

Pomegranate is one of the essentials of Yalda night!

According to the Persian myths and beliefs, Ahriman (devil) comes within the dark in the night. On the Yalda night, longer than any other night, people used to lit fires and candles and gather around the fire to prevent the black Ahriman from entering their homes and hearts and waited until the first light beams of the eternal sun shined on their land and warmed their hearts.

Today, after thousands of years Iranians, who are known to be very family oriented people, still celebrate this mysterious night at their parents’ or older family members’ house. Red pomegranates, watermelons, nuts, Iranian sweets and delicious cuisines are inseparable mates of this wonderful Iranian feast. The older members of the family read Hafiz and Shahname, the two world-known Persian books to the younger ones. Persian music has its own place in Yalda night. This gathering is continued until the midnight when hope and friendship overcomes the dark and cold.

Yalda night In Iran.


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