Thursday, December 15, 2016

The historical village of Fahraj.

 The ancient village of Fahraj, holding many secrets in her heart, lays on the beautiful barrens of Yazd province and is a recently uncovered tourism attraction in Iran, offering the original soul and the astonishing landscapes of desert and also amazing architectural remains to the guests.

Jaame mosque of Fahraj is probably the oldest Persian mosque built in Iran after Muslims conquered this country. The footprints of Sassanid architecture style are recognizable in the arcs, stucco works and the doors of this very first Persian mosque. The single earthen minaret of Fahraj mosque is added to the monument afterward.

Historical mosque of Fahraj made of mud bricks.
Jaame mosque of Fahraj.

The pre-Islamic water cistern of Fahraj, which was the place where people gathered to venerate water and the old castle of Fahraj are another historical heritages of this village.

You might feel like doing something more adventurous after exploring the old district of Fahraj and its medieval monuments. The immense desert around Fahraj is available for a unique journey. Wander through the endless sand dunes and just free your mind of everything! Enjoy the wild colors of the sky while the sun goes down and get mesmerized by the millions of stars and meteors at night. You can also ride a safari car and feel thrilled by moving fast on the sand dunes! 
Cities and villages of Yazd province, with warm and bright sunlight, priceless cultural heritages and the golden deserts are a perfect destination in winter. Day tours of Yazd are available on our website!

The arcs and tower of Fahraj Jaame mosque.
Jaame mosque of Fahraj.

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