Monday, December 26, 2016

The ancient city of Noosh Abad and its underground labyrinth!

The immortal city of Noosh Abad is a great place for history lovers, culture lovers and most importantly, the dreamers! This ancient desert city, hidden in the heart of Iran near Kashan, is believed to be one of the capitals of Iran by the time of Anoshirvan’s kingdom, the Sassanid emperor.

Noosh Abad castle and its high towers.
The ancient castle of Noosh Abad.
More than 150 precious antique heritages are available in the city of Noosh Abad and the deserts around it. The Jaame mosque of Noosh Abad, the old castle named “Sizan” with 9 towers, the old bridges and houses and also its Qanats, all take you back to past centuries when Noosh Abad was a glorious and booming city.

But the underground city of Noosh Abad called “Ouyi” is what makes this destination different from other historical and desert cities in central Iran. This hand-dug underground city is about 4000 meters in area and is a nested labyrinth of corridors and small rooms constructed in three stories, connected by horizontal and vertical tunnels! The intelligently embedded ventilation system of this underground city provided fresh air to the residents at the depth of 20 meters under the ground and fat-burning lamps lighted the area.

What was the motivation behind building this city and for how long has this masterwork been lasting? According to historians, this city was used for sheltering and defending during wars and also hiding from the intense heat of summer since Sassanid era until Safavid and Qajar days. Once the people of Noosh Abad felt the danger of being invaded by the foreigners and enemies they escaped to Ouyi underground city through the wells in their homes, and stayed in this mysterious city!

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The narrow path of Noosh Abad Castle.
The underground city in Noosh Abad, called Ouyi.

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