Saturday, December 10, 2016

Overland trip from Turkey to Iran.

So you are interested in having a long overland adventure in the Middle East and touching the diverse deep and cultures in Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan and maybe continuing your way toward the Far East?

You have to pass Bazargan ground border for entering Iran from Turkey, so you should have received your Iran visa beforehand. You can ask Uppersia to do the Iran’s visa procedure for you. Check out this blog graphic for noticing the required documents and the visa process.

After entering Iran through “Bazargan ground border” in the northwest, you will visit Azerbaijan province and Ardebil with historical and cultural attractions, including Takht- e Soleiman (an ancient monument complex listed by the UNESCO), historical bazaar of Tabriz (the longest roofed bazar in Iran), Sheikh Safi’s shrine which is an architectural masterpiece registered by the UNESCO and the magnificent hand carved Kandovan village. After exploring the northwest cities of Iran, you have to decide for the rest of your trip in Iran:

2. Visiting the central cities with incredible attractions, like Naghsh- e Jahan Square in Isfahan, Qajar and Pahlavi glorious palaces in Tehran or the breathtaking deserts in central Iran and then flying to Mashhad and “Bajgiran ground bord
er” for entering Turkmenistan.

1. Heading directly to the northeast of Iran and reaching “Bajgiran ground border” for entering Turkmenistan. On this way, you will visit incredibly beautiful roads passing through dense forests of the north, laid by the Caspian Sea, the great Golestan National Park, Gonbad e Ghabous (a very high tomb-tower listed by the UNESCO) and the marvelous shiny and holy shrine of Imam Reza in Mashhad.

You can comment your questions and ask Uppersia for more information about overland trips in Iran.

overland trip in Iran.

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