Saturday, December 31, 2016

The ancient and unexplored city of Hegmataneh.

In the 8th century BC, the Medes constructed a city and named it “Hegmataneh” or “Ecabatana” which means “the place of gathering” in ancient Persian. Hegmataneh is known as the first Capital of Iran which is related to Deioces (Diako), the Mede king. According to Herodotus, this ancient city including palaces, treasuries and caserns has been constructed on top of a hill surrounded by 7 concentric high walls. The most important monument built in Hegmataneh had been a glorious and strong palace, including seven castles in different colors like white, blue, silver and purple. The people left their own houses and built new ones around this giant palace.

In 550 BC the great Cyrus invaded Ishtovigo (the Mede king) and selected this city as the “Achaemenid Summer Capital”. During the kingdom of Darius III, a giant castle with 300 hideouts was built in the city for hiding the treasures and assets. Many wonderful objects have been uncovered through the excavation of Hegmataneh, including:

A golden Rhyton formed like the head of a goat.

The silver plate with a sentence engraved on it: “This plate is owned by Ardeshir, the great Achaemenid king!”

A golden bowl with elegant margins on, which is related to Darius the king.

A stone pedestal related to Ardeshir II.

Today there is a historical hill in the city of Hamedan in the west of Iran, which is believed to be the remains of the splendid “Hegmataneh”. This archaeological site hiding layers of history and civilization and the museum beside the hill with many valuable ancient objects give an interesting insight of the life of first civilizations in Persia. There are a lot of wonderful attractions in the historical city of Hamedan that make it so worthy to be visited. Ganjnameh inscriptions related to Darius and Khashayar, Ibn- e Sina’ s tomb, the wonderful Ali Sadr cave and the tomb of Eshter and Mordechai are some of the wonderful attractions of Hamedan, included in Iran untouched tour, photography tour and Hamedan Day tours of Upperisa.
The ancient city of Hegmataneh or Ecbatana.

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