Tuesday, December 27, 2016

4 reasons why you should visit Tehran this winter.

Being known as the big capital of Iran with cultural and historical backgrounds, Tehran is attracting many visitors every year. Tehran has a lot to offer. From the tourists who seek for a calm vacation spent in city attractions and comfortable hotels to the adventurers or art lovers find Tehran a great city to visit. I’ll tell you why:

"Tabiat" or Nature bridge passing over a park in Tehran.
"Tabiat" or Nature Bridge in Tehran.

1. Museums and Qajarid treasure:

Many travelers remember Tehran as the city of museums. National Museum of Iran, containing more than 300,000 museum objects related to pre-Islam and post-Islam dynasties, National Jewelry Museum of Iran with a priceless treasury of Persian Jewelries, the Carpet Museum of Iran and Tehran museum of contemporary arts are just some of the unique museums of Tehran.

Tehran has been the capital of Iran since Qajarid times and there are many glorious gardens, palaces and monuments in the city constructed during Qajar and Pahlavi dynasties. The stunning Golestan palace (registered by the UNESCO), Mashq square, Saad Abad complex and even very well designed private houses of Pahlavi days are beautiful remembrances of those days. It is said that it takes more than a week to explore all the museums and royal monuments of Tehran.

Golestan Palace with its wonderful tileworks. Tehran, Ian
The stunning Golestan Palace in Tehran.
2. Art galleries and theaters:

Tehran is known as the center of contemporary arts in Iran. Every day, painting, photography, fashion and sculpture exhibitions are held in the galleries of Tehran. Pop, Classic, Iranian and even Jazz and Rock music performances are available in different halls and great theaters are played by Iranian and international groups in the great City theater of Tehran.

Fajr International Art festival, including music, painting, theater and especially film and animation contests is held every year during February in Tehran.

Theatre city hall in Tehran.
City theater of Tehran.
3. Nightlife and food in Tehran:

If you are the type of traveler who would love to get acquainted with young generation and the modern lifestyle in Iran, stop by the caf├ęs and restaurants of Tehran where the young people usually spend their cold winter afternoons. I’m sure you will notice the opposite of what you have heard about Iranian lifestyle. You will see the young boys and girls interacting and having fun happily just like everywhere else in the world. You can make new Iranian friends and offer yourself standard and up to date coffees and snacks. But I highly recommend you to treat yourself with Iranian cuisines and sherbets in Persian restaurants and have a whole new world of taste!

people gathering in a cafe in Tehran.
Young people gathering in a cafe in Tehran.
4. Dizin Ski Resort:

A great experience you can have in Iran is a memorable ski tour in a very high-quality resort in the north of Tehran, in the Alborz mountain range! Dizin Ski Resort with fantastic powdery snow is the most important one in Iran and the Middle East with standard gondola, warm hotels and cottages and a very happy and active atmosphere!
The ski season in Dizin lasts from December until May which is considered as a long time!

You can read more about Tehran day tours and Dizin Ski tours of Uppersia if you are interested in visiting this modern yet touristic city this winter.

Dizin Ski resort in north of Tehran.
Dizin Ski Resort in the north of Tehran.

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