Thursday, October 26, 2017

2 best day tour to join in Yazd

Virtually unchanged in appearance for ages, many visitors come each year to enjoy the experience that is Yazd. Being registered as the only UNESCO-listed Iranian city where people still live, is a clear evidence that  the entire city is viewed as an attraction in itself. With its narrow and long lanes, wind towers, mud-brick buildings and wide range of boutique accommodation options, Yazd is one of favorite destinations for those wanting to explore Iran. This is a unique place to stroll over the maze of historic streets, imagine living years ago. Yazd is also an ideal base for day tours to several evocative attractions and vast desert. 

A forigne couple taking pictures with children in Yazd
A couple visiting Yazd

Uppersia suggests you to join Hidden Yazd tour in which you enjoy visiting Jame mosque, a shining symbol of Persian architecture crowned by a pair of minarets, the highest in Iran. Besides, explore Amir Chakhmagh complex including Amir Chakhmagh mosque and Tekkie, a well-known structure in Yazd, noted for its symmetrical sunken alcoves. At the end of the tour we invite you to Water museum where offers, through a series of photographs, exhibits and architectural drawings, a fascinating glimpse into the hidden world of waterways that have allowed life to flourish in the desert.

Fire Temple of Yazd is sacred place for zorostrain people
Travelers visiting Fire Temple in Yazd, Iran

Uppersia team also propose Zoroastrians and Yazd tour in which you can explore a sacred place called Zoroastrians fire temple. the flame of the fire is believed to being burnt since about AD 470. You will as well visit the Towers of Silence, where the dead were sent for decontamination before going to their final resting place.

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