Saturday, October 14, 2017

Discover the Unknown Saint Mary Church in Shiraz

Shiraz, a picturesque four season and culturally rich city, always has something new to offer. For history enthusiasts, the attractions that shouldn’t be missed is probably an important issue on the forefront of their minds. Alongside, the religious buildings of Muslims, other religious edifices, including Temples, churches, and synagogues were also constructed, for minorities. The Church of Saint  Mary, the Christian Church of Shiraz, is one of that sacred structures located in one of the old neighborhoods of Shiraz at the end of the Armenian parish and near the Black Stone (Sange sia) district. One of the important points of the church's architecture is its non-ornamented quadrangle exterior, in which there is no evidence of the church's existence, but from the inside of the hall the church is dome-shaped.The paintings of the ceiling are drawn with a unique angel that cause the visitors to feel that they are standing under a dome, while the ceiling is completely flat!
The prayer hall of the church is one of the oldest and most artistically constructed buildings of the seventeenth century, which was made by the Christian and Muslim architectures of Shiraz.

By reserving a room in Forough boutique hotel or its sister hostel, BB hostel, in the heart of original old Shiraz you can kill two birds with one stone and visit both mesmerizing Shah cheraq, Muslim's holy shrine,and sacred Saint  Mary church where can be reached by only 10 minutes walking.

Sain Mary church is located inArmenian parish and near the Black Stone (Sange sia) district.
Unknown Saint Mary Church in Shiraz