Sunday, October 29, 2017

Kalpoorgan:Heart of Iranaian Pottery

Wandering around the Iranian villages, we find a rich craft tradition and a high degree of technical excellence in the field of pottery, sculpture, jewelry, weaving etc.  Kalpoorgan village, one of that fascinating villages, located in Sistan and Baloochestan province in southeast of Iran has recently nominated as the first handicraft village in the world. What attracts the attention of the world to the Kalpoorgan pottery is the making of pottery without use of a pottery wheel, so that all the pottery is done with traditional, primitive methods by Baloch women. The abstract roles and motifs have been inspired from ancient paints and are completely geometric reminiscent of historic art of that area. The warm harmony between the reddish shade of the potteries and the brown motifs make these crafts more and more eye catching. These potteries with their amazing patterns has been transmitted to the next generations without any change in the way they are made. Local artists have still kept the simple yet expressive method of creating these pieces of art. 

One of the most facinationg villages in Iran where is famous for its handicraft
Pottery museum in Kalpoorgan,Sistanbaloochestan,Iran

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