Saturday, October 21, 2017

Carry on checklist to Iran.

Whether it is the first time that you travel to Iran or you have experienced this amazing destination before, you may wonder what you need to bring or what shouldn’t be missed in your luggage. Traveling light is always the best idea and you can cover every situation by packing a light luggage to Iran. Below is a comprehensive packing list that might come helpful for the travelers and minimize the pre-trip stress for the first time travelers to Iran:

Nasirolmolk Mosque. Shiraz- Iran
Traveling to Iran.


Just like almost every other destination you have ever been to, you need to take your documents to Iran, as well. Your passport, your Iran Visa and of course your travel insurance are the essential documents for visiting Iran. You may also need one personal passport sized photo if you are going to obtain your Iran visa on arrival.

Dress code

As a female traveler, you may be familiar with Hijab rules in Iran. Hijab rules are not very strict for foreign travelers. So bringing 2 or 3 scarves for covering your hair and tunics for covering your bust, seems to be enough for about 10 days traveling in Iran.

Sunglasses and sun screen

Since the sunshine in Iran is very bright and warm, you may spend the sunniest days of your life while you are traveling in this country! Although it is a pleasant experience, you might need to protect your skin and eyes from this sun. So, don’t forget to bring your sunglasses, high SPF sunscreen and hat with you, especially in summer and spring.

Money and Cash

Major credit cards like Visa and MasterCard are not accepted in Iran. Therefore, you should consider bringing enough money to Iran. US dollar, Euro and other currencies are all accepted in Iran and you can exchange your money to Iran Rial in currency exchange shops, which can be easily found in all big cities like Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz and etc.


For sure, it may seem unnecessary to mention, but as you know a picture is worth a thousand words! Iran is the destination of unique and stunning landscapes that you can’t resist capturing.

Travel adapter

 For recharging your electronic devices like your laptop, phone and camera, make sure to take a travel adapter which is a device which helps you plug your appliance into Iran’s electrical sockets. 

Roudkhan Castle. Gilan, Iran
Visiting Roudkhan Castle in Iran.

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