Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Explore the Ancient City of Damghan

The historical city of Damghan in Semnan province, home to various historical and cultural heritages, is known as one of the capitals of the great Parthian Emperor who ruled Iran for centuries .One of the wonders of this city is such a thick wall surrounding the ancient city that two carriages could pass on it simultaneously! The remains of the ancient city of Tappeh Hesar, located around Damghan, are still available for visit and trace back to the antiquity of this land to 4000 years B.C. Tappeh Hesar has been home to ancient civilizations during different ages.
 Another sightseeing of Damghan is the oldest Iranian mosque, known as TariKhaneh Mosque. The word Tarikhaneh means “God’s home”. It is believed that this noble aged mosque has been a Zoroastrian fire temple, originally. The brick made porch all around the mosque with the Sassanid style arcs proves the roots of this monument in pre-Islamic era. Cheshmeh Ali with its fresh air, aged and high trees and water fountains is another attraction in Damghan. This lush green Cheshmeh Ali has been the yeylak of Qajarid kings and governors.When you travel to Damghan,don't forget to taste one of the most famous Iranian nuts,pistachio.
Travelllers visiting Tarikhane mosque in Damghan
Tarikhane mosque.Damghan,Iran

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