Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Why Behesht Zahra is worth visiting?

Since old and historical cemeteries keep a part of the culture and history of a society, visiting old cemeteries in a city can be considered as a way to get more acquainted with a new destination for a traveler who is seeking for a deeper perception.

Built in late 1960s, Behesht- e Zahra (Paradise of Zahra) located in south of Tehran is known as the largest cemetery in Iran. Behesht- e Zahra has different sections including the department of Iran and Iraq war which consists the tomb of hundreds of Iranian martyrs and the shrine of Imam Khomeini, the leader of the Iranian revolution. Another section is dedicated to passed away Iranian artists. Ali Hatami the talented Iranian director, Parviz Yahaghi one of the Iranian music masters and many other artists have calmed down in this cemetery. Hundreds of great characters including political figures, artists, musicians, actors and also athletes are buried in this Behesht e Zahra cemetery of Tehran.

Behesht Zahra. Tehran-Iran

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