Monday, October 9, 2017

Have You Ever Heard Anything About Kolookh Paz (Potato Roasting Custom)?

Participating in ancient customs and rituals of a country, is a unique experience that can only be gained in a specific period of time and proper place. Some of these cultural traditions date back many generations and still persist. Custom of potato roasting (Kolookh Paz) is one of that tradition, which is mainly held for praising God in response to presenting great harvest from the last weeks of September to the first weeks of October in Iqlid. At the beginning of the ceremony, local people collect pieces of rocks from a ploughed field and form a pyramid of stones. Then they chop firewood, place it into the pyramid, and make a bonfire which is known as furnace. After half an hour, when the furnace is heated, the firewood will be removed and potatoes will be shoved there. Afterward, the cooked thorough potatoes are brought out by a shovel to serve with salt and spices. The smoky smell of these well-roasted hot potatoes, survived from all the flames of this handmade oven is so appetizing that no one can resist tasting.. If you travel into this unknown part of Iran in September and October, don't hesitate to be involved in this particular feast. Uppersia will be pleased to arrange you this tour.

Roasting potatoes in a handmade oven
Kolookh paz Custom.Iqlid,Iran

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