Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Mehregan: Persian Festival of Autumn

Mehregan or Persian Festival of Autumn, is dedicated to the Zoroastrian deity Mithra, venerated as the Persian goddess of friendship and truth. Mehregan also has mythological roots announcing the victory day of the legendary King Fereydoon over the scandalous King Zahhak. . It used to be an emblematic approach to show Iranians respecting their freedom and resistance against giving up their ancient traditions.
Mehregan is celebrated on the 16th day of the 7th Iranian month, Mehr, at the time of harvest and beginning of winter. This feast would be celebrated for six days, starting on the 08th October (Mehr Rouz) and ending on the 13th October (Raam Rouz).

On the occasion of the festival, the participants celebrate the feast by wearing new colorful clothes and natural perfumes and setting a table of fruits, nuts, and flowers. These traditions are still practiced among Zoroastrians in Iran especially in Yazd.

An Ancient Zoroastrian Fire Temple in Iran
An Ancient Zoroastrian Fire Temple in Iran

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