Wednesday, October 18, 2017

5 Things to know Before Travelling to Iran

Iran, a great country that is famous for remarkable architecture, ancient history and best-known poets and thinkers, is a desirable destination for travelers. Iran is a mysterious and misunderstood destination with many contrasts. Yet, traveling to Iran doesn’t have to be a weird or difficult experience at all. According to many travelers even female solo travelers who traveled to Iran in recent years, this country is a friendly, safe and absolutely amazing destination which is now getting to be on every travelers’ bucket list.  So, to avoid surprises and make the most of your trip, we, as local Iranian tour operator, share important notes to know before you travel to Iran. 


Avoid surprises and make the most of your travel
A group of travelers visiting Iran


1. Avoid greeting opposite sex with a handshake


If you are a man you shouldn’t shake hands with women and vice versa. Handshaking is only between men or between women, especially in public.

2. Bring your camera to Iran

You can capture the moments of your travel by taking social photos of individuals .But you might want to ask the people before taking photos of them as it may not be appreciated by some locals.

3. Forget about renting a car 


Traffic in major cities of Iran is considerable, and Iranians’ driving style can be quite adventurous, so rent a car only if you feel confident and have an international driver’s license.


4. Put your international bank cards at home

The tourists who travel to Iran cannot use, major credit cards like Visa and Master Card or to withdraw any cash from ATM machines in the country. So the travelers must bring only cash for their entire stay. Also, it is easily possible to get a type of Iranian debit card (prepaid) which can be used all around the country.

5. Stick to the Iranian dress codes

A modest dress code is all what you need to consider for clothing in Iran. For women, a pair of lose pants or skirt, a long sleeve shirt and a head scarf is perfect. For men, generally, shorts and ties are not worn in public. A pair of lose pants or jeans with T-shirt is recommended.

A perfect couple visiting Iran

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