Sunday, March 26, 2017

4 things to experience in Varazane Desert.

110 kilometers away from the city of Isfahan lays a magnificent land of golden sand and sunshine, called Varzaneh Desert. With its historical monuments and dazzling landscapes, Varzaneh desert is one of the most attractive deserts of Iran. There are various things you can do  here:

Sand dune and tamarisk bushes in Varzane Desert.
Varzaneh Castle

1 walk through the silence of the dunes

The barrens and the sand dunes of Varzaneh offer you just what you expect from a desert in the east, including the endless eye-catching curves, wandering tamarisk and thorn bushes and most importantly silence and silence! Play your most favorite track and save this landscape in mind to remember on your busy working days.

Sand dunes in Varzaneh desert.
Sand dunes of Varzaneh Desert

2 get some Adrenaline

These colorful safari cars driven by skillful off-road drivers give you the thrill of jumping from one sand dune to another one. They drive fast up to the peak of high sand dunes at a 90° angle. What a rush of Adrenaline!

A four wheel car off-roading in Varzaneh Desert.
Off-road car in Varzaneh Desert

3 Count the meteorites crossing over your head

The nights of Varzaneh! Gather around a bonfire and enjoy your dinner and then take a rest under the starry blanket of the desert's night sky. This is a kind of sky that you do not see every night! Catch the naughty meteorites crossing over your head and enjoy the cool night of Varzaneh Desert.

A man looking at the starry night sky of Varzaneh desert.
Starry night of Varzaneh Desert

4 step back to history

There is a historical castle called "Ghoortan" near Varzaneh Desert, that has been constructed during Diyalameh dynasty. There are many old castles in central Iran dating back to more ancient times than "Ghoortan Castle" does, but this one is known for being home to some locals until today! Don’t forget to visit Kabootar khaneh (dovecote or pigeon’s house) with its special architecture style and pigeon holes. These constructions were used for keeping the pigeons and using their eggs and dung.

Ask Uppersia for a wonderful desert tour in Varzaneh this spring!

The walls of Ghoortan Castle in Varzaneh Desert.
Ghoortan Castle of Varzaneh


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