Saturday, March 11, 2017

The glorious Rayen Castle.

Although known as a land covered in desert and drought, you can experience different types of climates and landscapes during one day in the vast province of Kerman. Rayen, which is a town laid on the foothills of Hezar peak in the south of Kerman offers a lush and fresh nature with green trees, bright sky and a wild and high waterfall.

Rayen is also home to the valuable historic gem, the beautiful “Rayen castle” or Arg- e Rayen. This architectural masterpiece, dating back to Sassanid era, is now the biggest adobe monument in the world after the glorious Bam castle, which was ruined after the earthquake in 2003. This castle, more than 20 thousand meter square in area, is the great complex of adobe arcs, towers, nested alleys, residential houses and the imperial palace.

Walk through the maze of ancient alleys and explore the houses and mansions keeping the secrets of Persian history. Join day tours of Kerman and have an amazing tour in the mysterious Kerman.

A traveler taking photo in Rayen Castle. Kerman- Iran
Rayen Castle. Kerman-Iran

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