Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Iran North by Northwest tour by Uppersia.

The cities in the Northwest of Iran like Tabriz and Ardebil, show a different face from the central cities of this country. This is a mountainous and lush area with a cool climate, great architectural heritages and dazzling natural landscapes.

On the IranNorth by Northwest tour of Uppersia, which is an 8-day tour to the land of Azeri and Gilaki people, three of the cities of this untouched area are going to be deeply explored.


Being chosen as the first capital of Safavid dynasty, Tabriz is still one of the most advanced cities of Iran. The great historical Bazar of Tabriz is known to be the biggest roofed bazaar in the world and is registered as a UNESCO world heritage site. The fabulous village of Kandovan, located 62 kilometers from Tabriz, is another attraction you will visit here. This village is known for its weird hand dug caves that have been used as shelters and houses by the locals since ancient times until today.

Hand dug caves of Kandovan. Iran- Tabriz
Hand dug caves of Kandovan.

Don’t forget to visit the gorgeous El Goli mansion located in the middle of an artificial lake and the glorious Blue Mosque while you are in Tabriz.

El Goli mansion in an artificial lake. Tabriz-Iran
El Goli Mansion in Tabriz.

Ardebil is the city of history, Azeri culture and beautiful nature. Visit the historical shrine of Sheikh Safi Ardebili, who has been a great Sufi master. This architectural masterpiece is a world heritage site that has been registered by the UNESCO. The joy of relaxing in hot spas of Sarien (a small town near Ardebil), its fresh air and scenic mountainous landscapes make this town so worthy to be visited while you are in Ardebil.

Domes of Sheikh Safi Shrine and Khangah.
Sheikh Safi Shrine and Khangah n Ardebil.

Masouleh (Masuleh):

As moving from Northwest to the North of Iran, everywhere gets covered in the dense and rainy forests. The untouched and beautiful Masouleh is one of the most wonderful destinations in the north of Iran. The houses of this village are located into the slope and foggy mountains and the courtyard of one house is the roof of the house below. No motor vehicle is allowed to enter the alleys of this unique village.

RoodkhanCastle dating back to years ago is one of the most wonderful places you can see around Masuleh. This castle is hided in the heart of a forest and you shoul pass about 1000 stars before reaching to it!

Rudkhan Castle in the middle of Northern forests. Iran
Roodkhan Castle

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