Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Samanu, the Iranian sweet of Nowruz.

Many Iranians believe that these days are the happiest days of the year. I mean the week before Nowruz, when every family is getting ready for the New Year ceremony, buy new things and get ready for travels. Children are madly happy about the holidays.

One of the most beautiful Iranian rituals done before Nowruz is cooking Samanu! This healthy, nutritious and natural confection has sweetened Nowruz days for Iranians since pre-Islamic era.

This sweet brown paste is made with wheat grain. The wheat is soaked and prepared some days before it gets ready to be cooked. The cooking process of Samanu is usually started in the afternoon and finishes the next morning when the wheat germ is boiled and stirred until it is changed into a sweet brown pudding. The interesting thing about Samanu is that no sugar is added to it and the wheat creates its own sugar. Samanu is one of the items of Haft Seen, the symbolic tabletop including seven items starting with the Farsi letter (س) S.

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Samanu, Iranian sweet brown pudding served in Nowruz.

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