Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Top locations for photography in Iran.

Photography in Iran is a whole new experience for the photographers and travelers. There are so many different subjects to be shot in this wonderland, including the old bazaars and the locals, splendid monuments from different centuries and diverse desert and mountainous landscapes. Some spots are known as the most picturesque places in Iran. The locations in which your camera’s shutter won’t be clicked less than hundred times!

Kandovan village

The special architecture of this village located near Tabriz, blows every visitor's mind. These conic caves are dug by the dwellers more than 3000 years ago and there are still many people who live in these beautiful and unique houses!

Naqsh- e Jahan Square

This glorious world heritage site from Safavid dynasty offers you tons of photography subjects and it might take you a whole day until you are satisfied with your photos! The great Ali Qapoo mansion, Sheikh Lotfollah and Shah Masjid and the traditional Bazaar surrounding the square are different parts of this valuable complex.

Nasir ol Molk Masjid

This mosque (also called the pink mosque), which is hidden in the heart of historic Shiraz, is known as a heaven for photographers! In the morning the interaction between the lights shining through the stained glasses and the colorful tiles makes a madly beautiful scene. Taking portrait photos is so popular in Nasir ol Molk Masjid.

Hormuz Island

The weird and untouched beaches, the endless blue Persian Gulf, the colorful soil of the island and the original lifestyle of the locals are what makes Hormuz one of the most picturesque spots in the south of Iran. Camp in this quiet island for a couple of days and enjoy photographing its beauties!

Lut Desert

Being inscribed as a natural world heritage the dazzling Lut Desert is located in Kerman province in the east of Iran. The weird forms of the sand rocks spread through the desert (Kalouts), the vivid starry sky and also the solitude and the peace ruling the desert are what you would probably like to capture a thousand times.

Zeinoddin Caravanserai

The scenic Zeinoddin Desert of Yazd province with its wonderful Caravanserai dating back to Safavid dynasty is one of the best places you can spend a night while you are in the eastern lands of Iran. It is also a great place for capturing desert life and architecture.

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tile work in a Persian Mosque, Iran.
Iran Photography Tour.

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