Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Food and drinks to try in Isfahan.

Every year, gorgeously Isfahan (Esfahan) draws thousands of travelers keen on exploring her stunning monuments, handicraft masterpieces, unique culture and also gastronomical delights.

Famous cuisines, snacks and sweets of Isfahan, all rooted in the culture of Isfahan await you after a day of discovering the beautiful mosques, glorious palaces and lush gardens of the city.


Meat lovers will rejoice for Beryooni, the famous traditional cuisine of Isfahan. Beryooni is the greasy ground shoulder lamb mixed with onion, turmeric, pepper, salt and cinnamon. This meat which has the same size as a hamburger is served on a piece of Sangak bread (a Middle Eastern bread like Pitta) and garnished with basils and barberries.

Beryooni, made with ground lamb.

Khoresht- e mast:

Unlike its name, Khoresht- e Mast (yoghurt stew) is not served as a main dish and it is more of a sweet pudding served as a side dish. This classic Isfahani cuisine is made with yoghurt, lamb, saffron, sugar and rose water and is so creamy and sweet with a light texture.

Khoresht- e Mast, Made with yoghurt and meat
Khoresht- e Mast


I know Gaz as the delicious signature of Isfahan! The sap of a rare wild plant named Angabin is the main ingredient of this sweet. Other ingredients of this nougat include sugar, rose water, egg whites, pistachio and almond. Gaz is best served with a cup of well brewed Iranian tea.

Gaz, sweet of Isfahan

Doogh and Gooshfil:

These two mates might seem a little bit irrelevant but believe it or not, this is one of the most delicious mixtures I have ever tasted. Gooshfil (elephant ear!) is a crispy golden brown sweet made with flour, egg yolk, sugar and oil, while Doogh is salty yoghurt drink. This might still seem weird but after tasting them in Isfahan, you will like it for sure.

Explore Isfahan and taste the amazing cuisines and sweets of this city on Isfahan Day Tours of Uppersia.

Doogh and gooshfil.
Doogh and Gooshfil

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