Thursday, March 16, 2017

Nowruz; the mystic Iranian new year ceremony.

When is a better time for celebrating and starting New Year than the first day of spring, when the earth and nature happily revives?
Farvardin 1st or March 21st is the day when Iranians celebrate the mysterious Nowruz which roots back to ancient Persian myths. Some historians believe that Cyrus the great Achaemenid king founded Nowruz in 538 B.C. and some others believe that Zoroaster has been the founder of this great Persian ceremony.

Being known as the most ancient ceremony of human civilization, Nowruz is inscribed by the UNESCO as a precious world intangible heritage. Nowruz, the beautiful and meaningful ceremony of nature and spring is held by the people of many countries, including Iran, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan and etc.

Today, all Iranians are getting ready for the amazing Nowruz. This ceremony includes family gatherings, parties, colorful cuisines and sweets, travels and most importantly love and kindness.


Wall painting showing Iranian Nowruz Party.
Nowruz in Iran.

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