Saturday, March 4, 2017

Travel to Iran on budget.

Iran is not usually considered as an expensive destination for traveling. The food is inexpensive and the fee for hotels from 4 and 5 star to 1 and 2 star ones are reasonable. With careful planning and a little research, it is easy to enjoy a budget tour in Iran.

Budget tours of Uppersia, so popular among the backpackers and adventurers, are good choices because they are pre-arranged for you and according to the visitors who took these tours, you will receive good services with the money you pay. Uppersia budget tours include visiting main touristic cities of Iran, accommodating in guesthouses or one and two-star hotel and public transportation. The meals are not included in these tours.

This tour includes a deep visit to attractions of Iran in central and southern cities, like Tehran, Shiraz, Yazd, Ahvaz and etc., for 15 days.

This tour is the best choice for the ones who want to visit the highlights of Iran with the lowest price and in the shortest time possible.

This tour includes a visit to northwestern cities, like Tabriz, amazing deserts of central and eastern Iran and undiscovered cities like Mashhad in the northeast. This tour gives you the chance to see every corner of Iran with the lowest price. 
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