Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Chaharshanbeh Soori; the Iranian festival of fire.

“Let your red color be mine, and take back my paleness!” This is the translation of the poetic quote (Zardi- e man az to, Sorkhi- e to az man), that has been sung by the Iranians on the night of “Chaharshanbeh Soori”, while jumping over the bonfire. Being held since ancient times, Chaharshanbeh soori is also called the festival of fire or the Wednesday eve ceremony.

Iranians gathering around a bonfire on Chaharshanbeh Soori ceremony. Iran
Chaharshanbeh Soori

Ancient Iranians, respecting fire as a sacred natural gem, wished to give away the pallor and weakness of their soul to the fire and to receive its warmth and energy. This great fire has been lit since thousands of years ago, some days before the Iranian new year ceremony (Nowruz) and this ritual has been considered as the symbolic ceremony of welcoming spring and the New Year.

After generations and centuries, this ancient ritual is still held by Iranians. On the eve of the last Wednesday before Nowruz, family members and friends gather, start a large bonfire and hold a warm and happy ceremony. They jump over the bonfire and spend a long and beautiful night, hoping to leave behind the difficulties and to have a year as bouncing and warm as the fire!

Iranians arund a large bonfire in Chaharshanbeh Soori ceremony. Iran
ChaharShanbeh Soori

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