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Foods and drinks to try in Shiraz.

With rich historical and cultural background and also the heavenly mild climate, Shiraz is one of the best destinations in Iran. There is a joke in Iran that people of Shiraz are so lazy, but as a Shirazi I deny it! We just spend much of our time on having fun in the best way possible!  :)

One of our best hobbies is testing new restaurants and having new dishes. We Shirazis are gastronomy lovers! That’s why there are numerous and various restaurants, fast foods, international restaurants and cafés in the city. So as a traveler you might not find it hard to find your own kind of food in Shiraz:

Kalam Polo

The answer to “What is the famous local food in Shiraz?” would be “Kalam Polo” for sure. Kalam Polo is the very well steam baked rice with small meatballs, aromatic herbs like Basil and most importantly the beloved cabbage.

Rice, Cabbage and meatball in Kalam polo.
Kalam Polo.

Salad Shirazi

The inseparable mate of Kalam Polo is “Salad Shirazi”. This Salad is the combination of very tiny chopped tomato, cucumber, onion and mint. The verjuice added on the vegetables makes “Salad Shirazi” so fresh and tasty.

Chopped tomato cucumber onion with verjuice
Salad Shirazi


Behind the Arg- e Karimkhan in the old district of Shiraz is the hangout for ice-cream lovers! There are about 10 stores that have been selling delicious ice-cream since more than 30 years ago. The ice-cream in Shiraz is made of healthy milk and cream and tastes like rose water and saffron. I suggest you taste Ab havij Bastani which is the pieces of ice-cream floating in fresh carrot juice.

Carrot juice and ice-cream (Ab-havij Bastani)
Ab-Havij Bastani (ice-cream in carrot juice)


You might find ice-cream in every city in Iran, but Shirazi Faloodeh exclusively belongs to Shiraz. Faloodeh is starch noodles mixed with frozen lemonade. This sour-sweet desert, with its pleasant crunchy texture, is a drop of heaven in sunny days of Shiraz!

Starch noodles mixed with frozen lemonade. (Faloodeh)
Faloodeh Shirazi

Bahar- Naranj tea

As spring arrives, the whole city is drowned in the mysterious aroma of the orange blossoms. People of Shiraz add this relaxing and fragrant herb to their tea and change it into a unique beverage. Ask for Bahar Naranj tea in Cafés and enjoy its wonderful taste.

Orange blossoms on tree
Orange blossoms. (Bahar naranj)

Coffee in Shiraz

Before traveling to Iran, you may think that you should say goodbye to coffee for a couple of days. But the coffee market in Iran is as advanced and professional as it is in other countries. Shiraz is the city of coffee houses and every year international coffee competitions are held in the city. You can easily find good coffee shops and sip a great cup of special and aromatic coffee in Shiraz.

Enjoy your gastronomy tour in Shiraz in Shiraz Day tour, Iran tour in style, Iran culinary tour and other tours of Uppersia including a visit to this wonderful and fun city!

coffee and cake in a coffee shop in Shiraz.
Coffee in Shiraz

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