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6 places you must visit in Kashan.

As one of the most historic cities in Iran, Kashan offers a perspective of life and architecture in old Iran. Kashan is located in Isfahan province in the heart of central Iran and is considered as one of the richest cities of Iran in terms of architecture, history and culture. There are so many natural and monumental attractions in Kashan and here are some of the most amazing ones that you must see while you are in this city:

1 Fin Garden and Hammam

Being registered as a UNESCO world heritage site, the beautiful Fin Garden is one of the best samples of the Persian gardens, dating back to Safavid dynasty. It contains Fin Bath, where Amir Kabir the Qajarid Chancellor was murdered. The high trees, the turquoise pools full of water and the beautiful mansion inside the garden make it a wonderful place.

The trees and the mansion of Fin Garden in Kashan.
Fin Garden in Kashan

2 Tepe Sialk

This large ancient archeological site (hill) is the remains from one of the most ancient civilizations in Iran, dating back to 7000 years ago. Many pieces of ancient objects including pots and metal war tools have been excavated from this ancient area.

The ruins od Sialk Tepe
The ancient area of Tepe Sialk.

3 Abyaneh

Being perched over the hills of Natanz, 80 kilometers from Kashan, Abyaneh is one of the most picturesque villages in Iran. The reddish buildings, silent alleys and the hospitable locals with their beautiful local costumes create a unique and peaceful atmosphere.

The reddish houses of Abyaneh. Kashan

4 Agha Bozorg Mosque

This mosque is a masterpiece of Persian architecture from Qajar dynasty. This has been described as the finest Islamic complex in Kashan. Agha Bozorg Mosque is known for its big dome, marvelous ornaments and unique structure.

The two story Agha Bozorg Mosque and its big dome.
Agha Bozorg Mosque
5 Maranjab Desert

Maranjab is one of the most amazing deserts of Iran, located 66 kilometers from Kashan. This natural wonder includes stunning sand dunes, the Salt Lake and its magical sky. The Safavid caravanserai is one of the attractions of Maranjab Desert.

A man walking on the sand dunes of Maranjab Desert, Kashan
Maranjab Desert

6 Tabatabai house

Being located in the city of Kashan, Tabatabai house is the complete sample of Persian houses with stunning ornaments and design. This house includes interior and exterior parts and reveals how the glorious houses of Iranians looked like in the past.

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The arcs and columns of Tabatabai housereflected in a pool. Kashan
Tabatabai House in Kashan

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