Monday, April 3, 2017

4 wonderful attractions that must be visited in Kermanshah.

The historical city of Kermanshah, located in Kermanshah province in the west of Iran is the seat of ancient Achaemenid and Sassanid heritages and also home to a big population of Kurd people in Iran, with their rich folklore and traditional culture. With cool climate, mild seasons and magnificent wild landscapes, Kermanshah is one of the best cities you can visit in Iran this spring. We will show you the four amazing attractions of this city that you wont like to miss:

1 Behistun inscription

Darius the great Achaemenid king authored this multilingual inscription on Behistun Mount near the city of Kermanshah. This inscription is written in Ilamite, Akkadian and ancient Persian and includes the autobiography of Darius, stories about the numerous battles he fought and attribution of his victories to the grace of Ahura Mazda.
Behistun, known as the biggest inscription in the world, is a world heritage site inscribed by the UNESCO.

Behistun inscriptions in the heart of a mountain. Kermanshah-Iran
Behistun Inscription

2 Taq Bostan

This historical complex is one of the most amazing heritages of Sassanid era in Iran. The bass reliefs of Taq Bostan show coronation ceremonies of Sassanid kings, harp players and boar hunting. There are also some inscriptions written in Pahlavi. The water spring and the mountain beside Taq Bostan have made this attraction a more pleasant place.

The two ornamented arcs of Taq e Bostan in Kermanshah.
Taq Bostan

3 Hercules statue

Being sculptured sometime during Seleucid or Parthian Empire through the Behistun Mount in the city of Kermanshah, the details of the great statue of Hercules, like the olive leafs, curly hair of the Hercules and the inscription written in Greek, indicate the cultural and political connection between Iran and Greece during that time. This giant Hercules lays on his elbow and holds a bowl with his other hand.

The giant Hercules statue on a big rock.
Hercules statute of Kermanshah

4 Palangan

After visiting all these monuments and ancient heritages you might like to get a little acquainted with the Kurd people and their traditions. Palangan, known as one of the most wonderful and unique villages in Iran is laid only 120 kilometers from Kermanshah. Although this village is located in Kurdistan province but due to the short distance, the travelers usually take an excursion to this village while they are in Kermanshah. With ancient heritages, its unique architecture including mud and stone made houses built into the slope hills and the warmhearted locals with their simple lifestyle, Palangan will be a memorable place for nature lovers, adventures and culture lovers.

The stone and mud houses of Palangan. Kermanshah
Palangan village near Kermanshah.

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